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AdmissionLelo acts as a simple, online search engine portal connecting both the top colleges in India and the candidates seeking information about them in order to choose the right stream. Choosing the best college streams in India is not an easy task. We help to make it easier for you by providing all the right information you need to make life-changing decisions.


Colleges: 89 Courses: 1471

Getting admitted to the top engineering colleges in India often paves the way for a lifetime of career success. Candidates are often confused with an information overload of the top college courses in India from a variety of educational institutions. Aspirants want to choose the right course that suits their aptitude but at the same time also something that augurs well for their future ahead.


Colleges: 110 Courses: 575

Those having a strong affinity for business studies often seek top business management colleges in India. MNCs, start-ups and even traditional Indian businesses demand top-class management talent to operate, manage and run day to day operations. Given the abundance of MBA and management programs in India, identifying the top college courses in India that will give you an edge and practical orientation is very important.


Colleges: 39 Courses: 144

Hospitality and Tourism sectors are growing at a fast clip of late, and as a result require candidates from the top management colleges in India to face growing business challenges on the best footing. From among the top college courses in India offering hospitality and tourism specialties and promising tempting salary packages, it is important to choose the right one. We help you to make the right choice faster, easier and more reliably.


Colleges: 45 Courses: 157

A career in law is being increasingly sought after by mainstream students who have grown to realize the tremendous growth and career opportunities offered by the extremely respected profession in India. Law degrees are among the top college courses in India and provide for extremely fulfilling career pathways with both a tremendous social contribution footprint and equally matching economic benefits. We bring you information about the top law colleges in India, curated and unedited.


Colleges: 43 Courses: 377

A career in teaching and education is something many aspirants dream of. Excellent compensation, limited working schedule and a zero-stress environment makes a B.Ed one of the top college courses in India. We offer you complete information about the top B.Ed colleges in India, which helps you select the most suitable B.Ed institution to embark on your ambition to teach and forge young minds.


Colleges: 43 Courses: 139

Pharma industries and medicine sectors are among the fastest growing industrial sectors in the last couple of decades. Getting into one of the top pharmacy colleges in India to be a part of this growth run is not impossible when you have us. Pharmacy courses are some of the top college courses in India and extremely well-paid and satisfying careers lie in wait for those willing to take the proverbial leap.


Colleges: 62 Courses: 840

For those aspiring to get into allied healthcare careers such as Physiotherapy, Medical lab technology, and Radiography to name a few, we offer you a list some of the finest and top paramedical colleges in India. Paramedical courses offer alternative non-mainstream careers for candidates with the right skills for gainful employment. Paramedical courses are extremely job oriented and offer attractive career options abroad as well, making them some of the most sought after and top college courses in India.


Colleges: 45 Courses: 245

Previously unheard of and vastly underrated, today the fields of graphics design, animation and virtual effects play a very important role at life and work. The prestigious B.Des and M.Des degrees from top designing colleges in India are no longer to be scoffed at and have become an extremely valued niche skill that top Indian and world class MNCs seek and employ at extremely competitive salaries and work profiles. As such, design degree courses feature among the top college courses in India from those inherently blessed with a natural aptitude for design and structures.


Colleges: 34 Courses: 87

With the advent of technology and mass media such as Television, Radio and the Internet, previously low-demand courses such as Journalism, PR, Media and Event management have a lot of newfound respect and acceptance. Top mass communication colleges in India also feature among the world’s best. Mass communication courses are amongst the most ambitious of degrees sought after by students aspiring for media careers. No wonder they feature at the top of the pack in any list of the top college courses in India.


Colleges: 78 Courses: 255

Not everyone aspires to get into 4-year long rigorous Engineering courses that demand routine and dedication. Computer application courses offer high quality skilling on computer technologies and latest IT advancements at lower cost and time as compared to engineering courses. We feature some of the top computer application colleges in India, carefully curated and detailed. With most businesses using technology to run and operate, it is no surprise that bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Computer applications are among the most in-demand and top college courses in India.


By our Expert Counsellors under one roof


I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to admissionlelo. In professional educational consultancy and get everything done under one roof.


I am writing to recognise admissionlelo for their commendable guidance through my MBA application process for Gujarat. The counseling team showed high level of knowledge and patience when it came to short listing the course and answering each of my questions. This is where most consultants fail to deliver. I recommend students who wish to study in India to just is it the nearest admissionlelo consultancy office and rest be assured of a remarkable service and time/money will spent!!


"I found that the people were very knowledgeable about the subject matter but were also flexible in their approach to meet our needs and able to work as constructive member in team environment."


”what was great about consulting admissionlelo.In for me was the individual basis, in which the consultants approached my needs, which made choosing the right university much easier. The experienced consultants are really involved with the students and genuinely interested in seeing them reaching their education destinations across pan india. I really loved their work process; it was so interesting throughout all the steps from choosing the courses and universities. The friendly service of admissionlelo was the best part! It was really easy to feel like we were friends and there was just a great service atmosphere”


My overall experience was excellent with the consultant. I got good university. The course I got admitted in is also the same as I wanted. Admissionlelo team helped me in guiding me with the university and my course program. I even got scholarship from the university and it was good experience.



AdmissionLelo is a premier education counsellor in New Delhi, India that takes career counselling services in India to the next level. It conducts and participates in leading education and student networking events such as the 14TH FICCI HIGHER EDUCATION SUMMIT 2018 and the ICEF GENEVA SUMMIT 2018. These conferences and exhibitions provide the necessary know-how for Indian universities of all levels to calibrate themselves against worldwide competition and attract the best talent in India and abroad.

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Career Counselling at AFRICA DAY

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Career Counselling at ICEF GENEVA SUBMIT 2018

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Oct 24, 2019
Career Counselling at 14TH FICCI HIGHER EDUCATION SUMMIT 2018

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