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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” as rightly said by Nelson Mandela, AdmissionLelo truly believes the same.

AdmissionLelo, one of India’s largest Career Counselling Consultants, is here to mentor the students towards their educational goals and drive them to create a better world. Not always can a perfect college or stream be the best for every student. Only counselling can reveal the right one suited for an aspirant. We understand that every student has a unique requirement that is exclusively monitored and catered to by our team. Our dedicated team of experts is focused on the value of education and the effort that a student puts in to shine in life, and therefore, we strive to give the best and impartial advice so that each student can move ahead to reach the goal.

AdmissionLelo offers FREE Career Counselling for both UG courses and PG courses in India. We understand the importance of the right educational stream, college, and infrastructure for the right aspirant. Educational goals, in the present time, are for both the parents and students. However, general advice for the same queries is evaded as every aspirant has a distinctive need in terms of budget, stream, and environment.

We try and give an unbiased and honest approach to any career-related queries which gives a transparent view to the student and the parents. Our online portal has all the latest information, on a variety of genres and subjects. You can be from any part of India and still take our assistance free of charge. Our experienced team promises to provide you with the best academic support for your career under the guidance of our career counselling experts.

Our Speciality in the Career Counselling world

Being in the educational field, we realized the importance of potential students and their dream education that can carve the niche of society. Hence, free career counselling is the specialty of our organization. AdmissionLelo provides the most impartial and free career-related advice to the students but in the most appropriate way. With a wide range of universities, institutes, and educational centres in India, AdmissionLelo filters, curates, and, most importantly, plans for an individual requirement. Admission time is the most crucial period for both the aspirant and parents, who become bananas to get the best of the educational system.

We, as a friend in need, shoulder tremendous responsibility towards the younger generation of students and aspirants, all of whom, look up to us to cater to their specific potential, talent, aptitude, ambition, and spending power. At times you may have all the required information, accessibility yet clueless as to where to get your ward admitted. With our impartial advice, honest information, and authentic setup, you will get the best advice on top college courses in India and the best university admission portals.

AdmissionLelo and its Area of Work

Currently, we have collaborated with many educational institutes, universities, and centres and more are in the process. We are fortunate that our reputation has helped us to tie-up with reputed educational brands and provide ground breaking results in all our endeavors for the upliftment of the student community. This has also helped us to throw light on the best university admission portals, top college courses in India, and best UG and PG courses in India.

We have an excellent team of management experts and field workers, who manage the entire business to the best of their abilities. The main boiling point of our organization is to disseminate the right information to the right student and guide them towards their suited educational institution. They have decade-long expertise in their field of work and subject. Hence, our educational experts are bringing that rich experience to the table today.








At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. We value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other. We take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible.


To honour our commitment and act with responsibility in all our relationships


To excel through quality, to delight our clients, to enjoy our work.

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