Best 7 Careers choices after Computer Science Engineering

Best 7 Careers choices after Computer Science Engineering

Computer science engineering is a degree course where students learn the design, management and implementation of information systems for software and hardware processes. It is one of the most popular courses amongst engineering students in India. The students learn thousands of topics in this course, but it mainly emphasises the basics of networking and computer programming. Most computer science engineers are involved in different computing sectors, ranging from the design of single microprocessors to personal computers, and supercomputers and designing the circuits and coding the software that empowers the applications.

This article will discuss the top career options for computer science engineering graduates. Education counsellors like AdmissionLelo also offer free student counselling.

Careers scope of computer science engineering

CSE is one of the most popular engineering specializations. These professionals then work as data scientists, web developers, software testers, mobility testers, programmers consultants, networking engineers, hardware engineers, etc.

Best career choices after graduation in computer science Engineering

1. Software Developer

The most popular career option that a computer science engineer can apply for is software developer. These professionals create software programs allowing different users to perform suitable activities. Simply speaking, they develop applications and programs which can be used and handled on any device. The average salary of a software developer is approximately INR 5 LPA.

2. Database administrator

This professional is responsible for supervising and checking all the existing software modifications and monitoring customer reviews and purchases. Their primary responsibility is to be aware of and maintain control over the company database to protect essential data. The average salary of a database administrator is INR 10.1 LPA.

3. Computer systems analyst

This professional is responsible for analysing an organisation’s information and suggesting appropriate improvements. This is one of the most important careers you can join after graduating in computer science. The average salary is approximately INR 3.66 LPA.

4. Web Developer

Web designing and developing is one of the most exciting careers you can pursue after completing computer science engineering. Their primary responsibility is to enhance the visual website experience by improving page layouts, styling, and adding page features. As a web developer, you must have proper knowledge of Java, Html and CSS. The average salary earned by a web developer is INR 3 LPA.

5. Website designers

A website designer or web-designer is responsible for ensuring that the website is visually appealing to the users. If you are creative, this is a good career choice. The average salary is INR 2.86 LPA.

6. Cyber security specialist

Your job in this post is to ensure security during the initial development stage of a software, networking center database and website. Their primary responsibility is to guarantee and build a robust security system for the company. In addition, you also have to look out for any possible threats. The average salary is INR 10.9 LPA.

7. Game developer

This is an exciting career choice. As a game developer, you would design, build and create different gaming interfaces. You will work with a big team of artists, designers, creators, computer graphic artists, animators, team leaders and other staff members to create a user-friendly but lucrative gaming application. The average salary is INR 4.5 LPA.

With the advancement of technology and newer technology coming out every day, the computer science industry has become a big part of our everyday life. So newer and better career options for computer science graduates will be opening gradually. For guidance or help with the engineering entrance examinations, you may contact AdmissionLelo, the best education counsellor in Delhi.