Mechanical Engineering – Right Choice for a Secured Career

Mechanical Engineering – Right Choice for a Secured Career

Every student looks for a fulfilling and secure career that could give them ample opportunities to grow and succeed. A degree in mechanical engineering promises just that.

Mechanical engineers passing out from the top B.Tech colleges in India find themselves surrounded by a sea of lucrative career opportunities. They secure a respectful job and keep escalating on the right path in their career.

If you are also pondering studying mechanical engineering, we assure you it is the right choice for a secured career. You can further discuss the opportunities for career growth with our education counsellor in Delhi at AdmissionLelo.

For now, let us walk you through the basics of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Engineering: An Overview

A branch of the vast tree that engineering is, mechanical engineering entails research, design, development, and building of machines. It teaches material sciences, principles of physics, and general engineering. More precisely, it teaches the concepts of hydraulics and pneumatics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, robotics, machine design, computer-aided designs, etc., that form the basic principles and theories for creating machines.

Job Prospects For Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers are well-versed in creating anything with their knowledge and the right tools, which unlocks many doors for them. They can work in almost any industry that thrives on machines and innovations, which sums up almost everything.

As a mechanical engineer, you can see yourself working in the below-mentioned fields-

1. Healthcare

The healthcare industry is always in need of innovative medical devices. As a mechanical engineer working in the healthcare industry, you can help design and test medical equipment and life-saving devices, such as prosthetic body parts, respiratory machines, pacemakers, and even smart wheelchairs.

2. Aerospace

If aerospace attracts you, you can have a flourishing career designing aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites.

3. Automotive

If you love automobiles and speed, the automotive industry is for you. It is one of the most promising industries for mechanical engineers. Your job will entail designing new automobiles, combusting systems, wheel arrangements, etc.

4. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry thrives on machines and the machines are designed by mechanical engineers. As the manufacturing industry is ever-growing, the career prospects for mechanical engineers in this stream are also ever-growing.

5. Power

The job of a mechanical engineer in this stream deals with solar power, hydroelectric power, or nuclear power. So, once you complete your degree in Mechanical Engineering and pass the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, you will get your license and work in any of these fields. While working, you can also work for more certificates and licenses. You can take the PE (Principles and Practice of Engineering) exam after four years of working in the field to become a Professional Engineer.

How To Become A Mechanical Engineer?

Almost every engineering college offers a bachelor’s degree program in Mechanical Engineering. Prepare for the entrance exam to get admission into top engineering colleges. However, take admission only in ABET-credited programs (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

Another option is to enroll in a two-year pre-engineering degree program and work as a mechanical drafter alongside. You can transfer into an appropriate bachelor’s program after completing your two-year degree program.

We hope this information has helped you to make up your mind. If you still have some reservations or questions about Mechanical Engineering, get in touch with us for free student counselling.  Our counselors will clear all your doubts and help you determine what is best for you.