Scope and Career Opportunities after LLM

Scope and Career Opportunities after LLM

While starting a private practice or pursuing LLM are the only options for an LLB graduate, the latter option unlocks the door to a sea of career opportunities. This empowering post-graduate degree puts you in a position to have a flourishing career as a legal advisor, law officer, solicitor, advocate or lawyer, legal writer, or work in any specific branch of law, including criminal law, corporate law, international law, etc. Furthermore, many private and government sectors, such as banking, defence, railways, etc., open vacancies for post-graduates in law.

If you are a law post-graduate or pursuing any law courses and looking for opportunities in this vast field, you have landed at the right place. Here we will discuss the scope and career options after LLM.

Read further to know the options accessible for an LLM graduate.

1. Judge

It is one of the most esteemed positions in the judiciary system. A comprehensive understating and deep knowledge of the judicial system puts you in a position to become a judge after completing your post-graduation.

2. Legal advisor

A legal advisor or court partner assists the court in legal research, drafting, contract summarization, administration of contracts, legal study, etc.

3. Advocate

It is one of the most sought-after career options after LLM. If you have a thorough knowledge of your country’s legal system and understand human behaviour and psychology, you can establish a significant career as an advocate or lawyer.

4. Legal Examiner

As a legal examiner, you will be responsible for accessing and evaluating different types of legal documentation and legal records, such as supporting papers and comments.

5. Notaries

A notary is a professional and trained jurist who takes care of all the procedural matters related to the government. Also called “notary public”, this qualified and experienced lawyer is recommended by the court and approved by the Central or State government.

6. Trustee

A trustee shoulders the responsibility or a legal obligation to administer land for a specific reason.

7. Oath Commissioner

An “oath officer” or “commissioner of the oath” is a newly qualified lawyer named under provisions of law by the Registrar of the High Court.

8. Civil Advocate

A civil advocate enables the settlement of claims, divorces, guardianships, mortgages, negligence, and individual cases.

9. Tax Advocate

As the name implies, as a tax advocate, you will work in the area of government taxation, including sales tax, income tax, excise duty, concessions, etc.

10. International Lawyer

An international lawyer works for international relations and customs between nations. Furthermore, international lawyers also negotiate for private and government companies and guide international projects.

Other options available for LLM graduates

After completing your LLM, you can also fabricate a career as a sub-division magistrate, the officer of the legal department, PSU, advisor in a bank, defence attorney, executive branch officer, criminal defence attorney, attorney for corporations, etc.

Facing a dilemma after completing LLM is natural. With a degree from one of the top law colleges in India and so many options at your hand, feeling lost is inevitable. But now that you know all the bright options available at your disposal, select the one that suits your interest and have a fulfilling career in law.

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