Steps to get Admission in the best Law School in India  

Steps to get Admission in the best Law School in India  

Lawyers are responsible for upholding the law of India and protecting people’s legal rights. Having a career in law can be pretty interesting, exciting and rewarding, especially if you are good at the job and you know all the tips and tricks. So if you have decided to become a lawyer, you must learn about their duties.

Today’s article will discuss the steps you need to follow to become a lawyer. For free student counselling, you can get in touch with AdmissionLelo.

Responsibilities of a lawyer

Most lawyers have to perform the following duties:

  • Attend court trials and hearings with their respective clients
  • Preparing various legal documents and filing them up with the responsible authorities
  • Presenting arguments for their clients in front of the judge.
  • Learning about a case, researching about it and then suggesting legal options for their clients
  • Collaborating with law enforcement and investigators for trials and mediations.

The common type of law specialisations

Here is the list of some of the popular law career options:

  • Family law
  • Civil law
  • Corporate law
  • Human rights law
  • Cyber law
  • Criminal law

Steps to getting into a Law School and becoming a Good Lawyer

You must have the minimum qualifications and pass certain examinations to become a lawyer. Here are some steps which you need to follow to enrol to a law school:

1. Complete your High school

The minimum qualification required to apply for a law school is to pass higher Secondary Education (10+2) recognised school or board. Students from all the streams are eligible to join a Bachelor’s program.

If you plan to pursue a law degree after class 12, you must enrol in a 5-year Bachelor Of Law(LL.B.) course or BBA LL.B or BA LL.B. Some colleges in India even offer 5-year integrated Honours programs like BA LL.B.

2. Graduate from any stream

Another way to become a lawyer is to pursue a three-year LL.B. course after graduating from any stream. Simply speaking, you must get a Bachelor’s degree in any stream. After that, you can apply for the 3-year LLB degree course.

3. Law Entrance Examination

The top law colleges in India select their candidates based on their performance in any law entrance examination. The most popular National level law entrance examination is the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

CLAT is a 2-hour law entrance examination comprising approximately 150 MCQs. To qualify for a law school seat, you must score at least 50%.

4. Admission to a Law School

Once you have passed the examination and received your score, you can start applying to various law schools all over India. Most people in India usually select multiple options. For each admission application you send, you must submit the original copies of the official transcripts, letter of recommendation, law entrance test score and other documents mentioned by the college.

Most Colleges in India prefer students with higher CLAT scores, excellent letters of recommendation and extracurricular certificates.

Once the admission process is complete, you must complete your bachelor’s degree in law with a good score. You have to pass all the subjects to become a law graduate. The final step is to clear the All India Bar Examination(AIBE), and now you are a registered lawyer and can legally practice in India.

Becoming a lawyer is a big responsibility. Additionally, it is an interesting field, and you will earn much money and respect. If you need help with anything during the process, you can always contact the best Career Consultant in Delhi, AdmissionLelo.