Raffles Education Corporation Limited (""Raffles Education Corp"") expanded their boundaries and stepped into Mumbai in the year 2004 as ‘Raffles Design International, Mumbai’, growing ever since. Today, it is among the best design institutes in Mumbai, India and is conveniently located at a prime location, i.e. Marol, Andheri in Mumbai. The BA (Hons) Degree courses offered are Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Management, and Communication. Raffles Design International aims to produce talented and skilled graduates who will shape the future of design and business-related disciplines. The students are taught in an industry-specific way to create their own niche when they step out on their journey.

It is a part of the largest private education group in the Asia-Pacific region. The history is traced down since the establishment of its first college in Singapore in 1990. Raffles Design


Raffle Group’s campuses are located at a prime location, giving the students ample opportunities for networking. The faculty are successful professionals from the industry that bring their experience to the table, equipped with international standards of knowledge.

The students are free to share their ideas and gain knowledge from the lecturers, creating a nurturing and productive rapport. They are provided with the latest in technology and gadgets in order to stay in touch with the ever-changing industry. At Raffles Design International, one gains the knowledge and ability to interact with people from diverse nationalities and achieve career maturity at a faster rate.


Staying outstation has always been a difficult and tiring process for the students. Being an international institute, Raffles Design International is aware of the number of students that come from different countries and states to join the courses. Keeping all these factors in mind, the admissions department will help you locate the right accommodation to suit your needs for a perfect stay.


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Single and Double-decker buses are an inexpensive mode of transport. They tend to get overcrowded at peak hours.


We experience the results of multimedia designers everywhere. Their products are becoming increasingly popular as people are becoming more inclined towards high-quality content. Without the touch of a multimedia designer, it would be too hard for a corporation to offer great solutions. Additionally, only a good multimedia design course can provide the market with competent professionals of this field. The following points will help you understand it more easily:The current digital industry is using interactive media everywhere. Moreover, interactive media is the result of multimedia-design. Interactive media consists of websites, video games, videos and any other media with which the user can interact. By looking at the examples, you can get an idea that it is now present everywhere. Without implementing interactive media, it would be too difficult for a business to make substantial progress in the current market.

It does not seem that people are getting bored with interactive media. In fact, you can say that the opposite is happening. Consumers demand better interactive media and developments are taking place accordingly. Clearly, it is an amazing field with impressive growth prospects. You will not have to undergo any hassle regarding your job security or the future of your career if you choose this field.

The demand for competent multimedia designers is rising at a great pace as well. Businesses want to advance in this area as fast as possible and that can happen only with the help of great designers. Therefore, there is a strong upward trend in the demand for multimedia designers.



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Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
Diploma in Fashion Design 9 Months N/A N/A
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design 15 Months N/A N/A
Bachelor of Arts (Hons). Fashion Design 3 Years N/A N/A
Diploma in Interior Design 9 Months N/A N/A

Faculty Details

Mr. Anthony Alphonso Program-Co-ordinator
Ms.Manasee Kakkad LECTURER


Raffles Education Corporation (REC) is an international institute in Singapore. It is a public listed company and has currently achieved a benchmark of having over 24,000 students studying in 14 countries from high school to higher education. Amongst REC's subsidiaries are Raffles College Pty Ltd, trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce based in Sydney, a Higher Education Provider (HEP) of 30 years experience (formerly the KvB Institute of Technology) and Raffles university system (RUS) that manages program development and quality assurance of higher education delivery across REC.

Raffles Design International maintains the highest of international standards and is listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). Raffles Education Corporation is one of the largest private education groups that have covered various regions of the Asia-Pacific region and all its boundaries. Raffles Education Corporation established the very first college in Singapore in 1990. Raffles Education Corporation has built its place and left its mark, and as of this day, ranks as one of the Top 200 Asia-Pacific Companies on the Forbes Asia's ""Best Under a Billion"" list for three consecutive years from 2006 to 2008. Raffles Design International aims to expand to greater boundaries and give an opportunity to every art lover, thereby providing them with formal training to become a professional designer and live a life of their dreams. At Raffles Design International, the aim is not just to educate, it is to transform personalities into professionals and touch lives.

Email Id :info@admissionlelo.in

Phone :011-40573737/36

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