In the year 1991 Shri Narayan Das Agrawal decided to fulfil the dream of his father, Late Shri Ganeshi Lal Agrawal and initiated the Sri Jagannath Prasad Ganeshi Lal Bajaj Charitable Trust Samiti in an attempt to make the holy city of Mathura a recognized destination for knowledge seekers from different walks of life. This is what led to the foundation of a milestone at the karmabhoomi of the versatile and sagacious Lord Krishna. GLA has been actively involved with social causes since its very inception and has drawn appreciation from one and all for its work in various facets of societal paradigms.


Spread across 110 acres of land, the university is home to more than 12,000 students enrolled in a variety of professional courses. Well designed and maintained buildings, contemporary laboratories, spacious residential complexes and recreational fascilities makes the campus one of the best in the regions and gives its students an edge over their counterparts coming from other universities.The diverse student population makes it hard to describe the typical student and even harder to describe the quintessential GLA student experience. Students come from all over the country; cities, suburbs, small towns and farms; from public, private and parochial schools; from every ethnic and religious background; and from across the economic spectrum. GLA is committed to making educational opportunity accessible to all by granting scholarships and financial aid to its students. Extra-curriculars, co-curricular and athletic opportunities in addition to academics, GLA students are active around and beyond campus.


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The Library is constructed in such a way so as to facilitate students learning. It comprises of Reading Rooms, Journal Section, facilities for Photocopying, Data processing and Internet browsing with good collection of latest edition of books and Journals of both Indian and foreign publications.


Cafeteria at campus is having 100 seats capacity for the Students.


Own Bus Fleets running between 50 KM radius


The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an organization that assesses and accredits higher education Institutions (HEIs) International Gold Star Millennium Award was presented to Mr. Narayan Das Agrawal, Hon’ble Chancellor of the GLA University, Mathura for excellence in promoting Global Integration & Economic Development by his excellency Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, Former Dy. Prime Minister of Thailand at the international conference on “Indo-Thai Friendship & Economic Co-operation” organized by the Citizens Integration Peace Society, on Sunday, The 27th of January, 2013, Bangkok (Thailand).
The GLA University has been declared the best university by the Dialogue India. The team analysed all universities and reached a decision to put the GLA at the top of the ranking. Here are the reasons for their decision.

1. A residential university with more than 80% students living on campus.
2. The university is located in the holy city of Mathura. This region is considered backward in terms of education facilities. The Management at GLA saw it as an opportunity and decided to make a mark with quality education and infrastructure.
3. The fee structure is quite reasonable compared to other institutes providing opportunities to students of lower middle-class backgrounds to avail quality quality higher education.
4. The university maintains the standard of facility and management. The institute is very particular about the selection of students. The teacher, staff and students ratio of the institute is good.
The senior management is actively involved with the students. They are aware of the name and course of every student. Always ready to help student both at a professional and personal level. An excellent mechanism for placements and career growth.


GLA University firmly believes in the saying, ‘In a healthy body resides a healthy mind’. Sports get their due in the university in such a way that faculty, staff members as well as students take active participation in the activities which are organized in the university round-the-year. National-level players serve as coaches for various sports. Each sport has got dedicated staff and amenities. The events which are earmarked for sports dot the academic calendar of the university be it national level, inter college, inter school or other inter and intra departmental activities. There is never a dull moment in the campus of the university thanks to the vibrant sports culture which is as much part of the student’s life as is the academic pursuit. Students are encouraged to participate in activities so that they could hone their sportsmanship as well as develop the spirit with which game ought to be played. They participate in sports activities in various famed institutions across the length and breadth of the country. Overall, the sports department is committed for the physical well being of the student fraternity because we firmly believe that a student who possesses a sound physique is the one who would ace all the competitions in life!


GLA is a well renowned name in the field of education and is directly contributing to the overall education scenario of the country. Our students are working for some very famous companies in the country in different functions. We at GLA strongly believe in the creation of good quality human resource with training of intellectual minds. To help students stand-out and gain competitive edge over the others, we stress on developing both functional skills and exceptional practical outlook. The Training and Placement cell works tirelessly towards ensuring employment for all students across various industries and helping budding entrepreneurs in establishing successful businesses. The department organizes activities and workshops at a regular basis to enable students to be effective team leaders and players. The department is headed by some eminent professors with a proven track record and professionals who have made a mark in the industry. This association introduces our students to the concepts of corporate culture and a sense of influential patronage. With many firsts to its credit and an impeccable record to boast of, the T&P cell works round-the-clock to ensure that the students of the University get placed in reputed companies at lucrative terms across various industries.

The cell works with a twin-fold focus on augmenting internal competencies by contemporary grooming of students and enabling the industry to identify and absorb intellectuals with the requisite technical and managerial skills.
The cell also provides assistance to students in applying for summer trainings and projects in various companies. The university critically evaluates these summer trainings and projects as they form a part of the curricula.
The staunch corporate patronage which separates the university from its contemporaries originates from its unequivocal focus to produce world class technocrats and managers for which the regular corporate interactions weave the thread.
On an average, more than 50 guest lectures by veterans across various industries are conducted every semester to enable students to understand real-life situations and experiences. This aims to make students ready to face situations which may arise in their professional lives.
The T&P cell in co-ordination with the various technical and non-technical departments regularly organise industrial visits to acquire technical activities involved in production design, maintenance of engineering products in case of technical courses. For non-technical students these visits focus on learning through interaction with managers who share with the students the recent developments, strategies and market moves of the industry.


Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
B.Tech(LEET) in Mechanical Engineering(ME) 3 Years 1,53,000/- N/A
B.Tech(LEET) in Electrical Engineering 3 Years 1,53,000/- N/A
B.Tech(LEET) in Electronics and Communication (ECE) 3 Years 1,53,000/- N/A
Diploma Engineering 3 Years 62,000/- N/A
BBA 3 Years 82,000/- N/A
B.Com. (Hons.) 3 Years 82,000/- N/A
BBA(H) 3 Years 1,13,000/- N/A
BBA (Family Business) 3 Years 1,13,000/- N/A
B.A. LLB 5 Years 98,000/- N/A
B.Com. LLB 5 Years 98,000/- N/A
B.Ed. 2 Years 53,000/- N/A
Post-Graduation Diploma in YOGA 1 Years 60,000/- N/A
Post-Graduation Diploma in Fitness Management 1 Years 60,000/- N/A
MA. (English) 2 Years 50,000/- N/A
B. Pharm 4 Years 1,33,000/- N/A
B. Pharm (Lateral Entry) 3 Years 1,16,000/- N/A
D. Pharm 2 Years 1,02,000/- N/A
M. Pharm 2 Years 1,53,000/- N/A
B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotech 3 Years 82,000/- N/A
B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry 3 Years 41,000/- N/A
B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics 3 Years 41,000/- N/A
B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture 4 Years 60,000/- N/A
BCA 3 Years 82,000/- N/A
Diploma Short Term Courses Die, CAD, H/N 1 Years 50,000/- N/A
MCA 3 Years 1,53,000/- N/A
MCA (Lateral Entry) 2 Years 1,51,000/- N/A

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We are truly proud that today, the GLA Institutes that were started as a tribute to Shri GL Agarwal, are recognised as a University. It is a privilege we are determined to build on, to ensure that our primary goal, of meeting the educational needs of students in the region are fulfilled to the best of our abilities.We have discovered that for our students, over and beyond facilities and the teaching methodologies is an environment that makes them comfortable during the time they spend here. To that extent, special efforts have been made to provide such an enabling environment. Be it a value system that reflects the best of the values from the region, to a diet that is both familiar and healthy to a vast majority of them.We provide great significance to interactive learning and two-communication processes, thereby making the learning environment sincere and responsive. With teachers who are acknowledged experts in their field, it is an environment that combines the best of pedagogy with an encouragement to ask, be curious.Today, when the work environment demands a lot more beyond just knowledge and marks, a lot of emphasis is laid on the overall personality development of the students so as to foster in them the necessary drive and confidence to meet the demands and challenges of the modern world.Helping us achieve this are our state-of-the-art infrastructure, picturesque & inspiring setting and devoted team of faculty-members and administrators. The learning ambience at all the constituting Institutions is perfectly suited for all-round growth and academic excellence.Today, the university has a proud record of evolving efficient, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers, pharmacists and entrepreneurs with global thinking and futuristic mind-set that will contribute to nation building with a strong adherence to corporate ethics.A key part of the learning experience is what students do beyond their classrooms. Keeping this in mind, the hostel facilities in the University premises have been designed with utmost care and attention so that the students can feel secure and at ease. The idea is to ensure that our students are provided with every facility they could possibly require, to fulfill their potential and develop an attitude to life that will serve them for their life beyond the boundaries of GLA University.“I invite you to prepare yourself for the opportunities of the new millennium at our institute, with its mix of academic offerings and qualifications in established as well as emerging areas.Today, in our seventeenth year, I feel we have learnt well to provide an optimum mix of competitive academic inputs, open mindedness and learner-focused set up.It is, therefore, very essential that you choose a program, which meets your aptitude, capability and capacity.You will find a warm welcome at GLA University if you seek your personal and professional development "Welcome to a holistic learning experience!!

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