In 1993 a young man with just twenty nine thousand and loads of determination embarked on a mission to transform the higher education landscape of the Doon valley. Graphic Era Deemed to be University is the culmination of the vision of its founder, Prof (Dr) Kamal Ghanshala, who had the dream to change the destiny of thousands of youth, through quality and holistic education and his vision took a concrete shape in the form of Graphic Era Institute in 1996.

In 2008, the Institute was accorded the status of Deemed University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 vide Notification F.9-48/2007-U.3 (A) dated August 14, 2008 and approved by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. In 2015 Graphic Era University was accredited by NAAC with grade ‘A’.

University has acquired transnational dimensions through student exchange and knowledge sharing programs with many foreign universities and has been acclaimed and honoured at international forums for its brilliance in upholding the highest standards of education. With recognition from prestigious institutions, Graphic Era University is setting new benchmarks in education. It has taken big initiative in engineering programs by getting into Partnerships with Tata Technologies and IBM to create next age Engineering Professionals through Industry Collaborations. Graphic Era hosts Technology Business Incubator that provides support for technology-based entrepreneurship. At present, Graphic Era has innumerable students on its rolls, pursuing education in different disciplines, ranging from engineering, science, business, management, commerce, hospitality to humanities and social sciences. The alumni of Graphic Era can be encountered worldwide in marquee brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, HSBC, to name a few and in the service of the nation in all wings of the Armed forces.


The Oldest and the most elaborate campus of Graphic Era is housed in scenic valley of Dehradun, with Rajaji National Park adjoining from one end and the peaceful Clementown Cantonment on the other. The Campus life is the benchmark for all Universities and Educational institutes in the region, with everything from International Level Celebrity Events to a peaceful evening stroll with the sound of classics running in the background on the Community Radio possible, within the bounds of the massive campus.

Students make the most of their Academic Stay at Graphic Era by utilizing a host of facilties present on campus, and by participating and often creating a unique set of activities day in and day out.

Catch a glimpse of the most happening campus around, not just because of the modern and vibrant architecture taking you away from the conventional feel of boxy concrete blocks, but because of all Graphians who actually make you feel like home


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Dehradun, 11 December: President of Graphic Era group, Prof. Dr Kamal Ghanshala received the Visionary Edupreneur of India award 2017 for his exemplary work in the field of higher education. Former president of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee awarded Dr Kamal Ghanshala today at a convention held in Delhi.

Dr Kamal Ghanshala has received this award for his relentless and committed service towards creating an educational ecosystem which has lead to inculcate curiosity and drive among students to inquire, innovate, create and lead. This award also recognises his efforts in developing a strong value system among the students which they continuously bring to practice. The award was presented by former President Shri Pranab Mukherjee on his 82nd birthday in the national convention of eduleaders and edupreneurs in higher education held in Delhi.

The convention was organised by re-think India at the civil services officers’ institute in Delhi. The convention was attended by prominent educationalists and individuals associated with higher education in the nation. Notably, Dr. Kamal Ghanshala has also received excellence award in the field of higher education in the international summit organised in Newyork, USA last year in 2016.


While you're immersed in top grade academics along with out of the box practical exposure in all fields, for those who have a knack of sweating it out on the field will have a gala time in the campus, throughout the year. The Sports activities in the University allow all students to maintain fitness and discipline in their life by choosing a sport of their choice and excel in it till the highest level. The Sports Staff in the University includes coaches who've represented the Country at the highest level and have professional training and certifications from the Sports Authority of India.

The University participates in the North Zone Inter-University Sports competition every year since it is an esteemed member of the conglomeration All India Universities Association. Students have excelled in all dimensions here, and have made it to a position where they are now respected Sports Persons at the National Level. For both dedicated Sports Aspirants along with fitness enthusiasts, the University's Sporting heritage will keep everyone in good stead during one's stay here.


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Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
B.Tech CSE (Hons) in association with IBM - Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence / Cloud Computing / Data Science & Artificial Intelligence / Information Security 4 Years N/A $4,500.00
B.Tech (Hons.) IT with Digital Trasformation Engineering 4 Years N/A $4,500.00
B.Tech (Hons.) ME with Robotics and Automation / Automobile 4 Years N/A $4,500.00
B.Tech Bio Technology 4 Years N/A $4,500.00
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years N/A $2,750.00
BBA Corporate Accounting and Financial Analysis with CMA 3 Years N/A N/A
BBA International Finance and Accounting with ACCA 3 Years N/A N/A
B.Com (Hons.) 3 Years N/A $2,500.00
BBA LLB 5 Years N/A $2,750.00
BA (Hons.) Psychology 3 Years N/A N/A
BA (Hons.) Economics 3 Years N/A N/A
BA (Hons.) Political Science 3 Years N/A N/A
MA English 2 Years N/A $2,300.00
B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology 3 Years N/A N/A
B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology 3 Years N/A N/A
B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology 3 Years N/A N/A
BSc Physics / Mathematics 3 Years N/A $1,500.00
MA-JMC 2 Years N/A $2,750.00
BA-JMC 3 Years N/A $2,750.00
Bachelor of Computer Application 3 Years N/A $2,500.00
Bachelor of Computer Application Industry Integrated 3 Years N/A N/A
B. Sc IT 3 Years N/A $2,000.00
B. Sc IT (Industry Intergrated) 3 Years N/A N/A
BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
MHM (Master of Hotel Management) 2 Years N/A N/A

Faculty Details

Dr. Raj K. Dhar Head of Department & Professor
Dr.Manu Pant Assistant Professor


Message from the Desk of President, Prof. (Dr) Kamal Ghanshala
Today as I look back at the accomplishments of Graphic Era in last 25 years. From Graphic Era Institute of Technology to a Graphic Era University, it has progressed and kept abreast of the rapid changes taking place in the field of academic, pedagogical spheres and growing demand of industry for highly skilled manpower. Today colleges and universities are facing changing student demographics, issues of quality and value and increased competition. Their success requires transformative change to enable new teaching and learning approaches. As higher education is rapidly evolving, Graphic Era is at the cutting edge of the movement. We are competing boldly and taking new paths—yet staying grounded to our mission of delivering quality education, building teaching excellence, introducing innovative study programs, customizing and updating our course content to match the industry requirements, setting records in placement, research and consultancy.

Creative and inventive culture, nurtured by our faculty, students and staff, is transforming how we train our students and help them to strengthen their future prospects. In developing Graphic Era University, we have partnered with leaders in corporate sector and research organizations of the country and international universities, for training and placements of our students. We’re leveraging these creative partnerships to stretch our boundaries of excellence collaboration, innovation and creation of skills, across numerous disciplinary fronts. The deep integration of technology in learning has made learning mobile and self-directed. The ultimate goal of learning is; critical thinking, generating work skills, communication, creativity, collaboration, character, education, and citizenship and technology is assisting in big way in accelerating these ideals and making learning irresistibly engaging. With recognition from prestigious institutions Graphic Era University is setting new benchmarks in education.

For students the experience of being at Graphic Era University is rich and diverse. Our academic programs are of high quality, geared towards industry requirements. They are competitive and industry driven, ranging from engineering, science, technology, business, management, commerce, hospitality to humanities and social sciences and our initiative expands to all round knowledge. Our curriculum and pedagogy includes certain ideological inputs, behavioral content and team building aspects, for enhancement of hard and soft skills amongst the students. University also offers study-abroad programs and internship programs in leading organizations of the country and international exposure at premier universities around the world.

Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for teaching, learning and research to the diverse pool of young talent. The kind of resourcefulness and creativity that has become the hallmark of Graphic Era University gives me immense pride in this institution, in the people who learn and work here, and in those who support our mission. Whether you are part of our Graphic Era Community, or in the process of joining us — through study programs or research — I am proud to welcome you to our vibrant campus.

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Phone :011-40573737/36

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