The judiciary of a country reflects its strength and stability. The stronger the judiciary, the stronger a country becomes. Historically, India has had the privilege of a strong judiciary. In fact law was the preferred profession amongst our freedom fighters. Today, the practice of law is back in vogue. With the economy in full stride, need for qualified law professionals is on rise. Especially in sunrise sectors of environmental law, legal aspect of global business management and partnership & business organization. Keeping in mind the growing demand for quality legal professionals in the country ,Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan has set up Kamkus College of Law. The college is affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut and recognized by the Bar council of India. The college has been envisioned to offer the following: To train qualified and trained professionals for the corporate world as well as for the bar council. To offer on-the campus placement for the students. To focus on environmental law, legal aspect of global business management, partnership & business organization. Faculty Kamkus College of Law has a staff of 10 distinguished faculty members, along with law professionals & legal luminaries as visiting faculty. A new approach in teaching methodology focuses on learning through direct experience and original case- studies. VISION Our vision is to raise the bar of professionalism by shifting focus from studying law primarily from text books, case law and statutes to experimental learning through direct engagement with problems of current concern to the society. MISSION strategically focus on improving the professional qualityThe mission of the institute is To strategically focus on improving the professional quality of lawyers to keep pace with the increasing global competition. To adopt a new approach in organizing the seminars, academic programmes focused on the most urgent policy challenges in India. to focus on environmental law, legal aspect of global business management and emphasising on the original research to formulate a new Indian Legal jurisprudence.


ACADEMIC BLOCK The Institute boasts of a good infrastructure consisting of main building with well- equipped classrooms.There is a separate classroom for each year, all equipped with sound systems and overhead projectors.


The hostels are spacious, clean and comfortable and secure. Student can expect good quality and ambiance. The hostel Mess caters to the culinary preferences of student from diverse backgrounds and students are encouraged to be decision making to the running of Hostel and the Mess.


Kamkus College of Law has a well stocked library enriched with books written by eminent jurists & learned authors. It is classified into two sections, one for course study and other for magazines and law journals to facilitate the hardship of students. The library has different timings. It opens regularly form 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., though books are not issued after 5 P.M officially. Each student is issued a library card and is allowed to issue one book on it. The books have to be returned within 7 working days failing which a strict fine is incurred. The first two days, a fine of Rs.2 /- per day and after that Rs. 5 /- per day fine is charged . Library is provided with Photocopiers for the use of students .The library also has a laser printer which the students can use to print projects, seminar papers and other assignments at Rs. 2/- per page.


Canteen is a central facilty of GNIT where all kinds of cuisines are available.


Transport facility is provided to students, faculty and staff residing in the NCR region, Viz, Noida, Ghaziabad etc. The institute has its own fleet of buses which not only take care of daily transportation , but are also used for students outings like NSS programmed, entertainment and study tours, industrial visits etc.


Acknowledging the benchmarking quality education provided by KAMCUS LAW COLLEGE, reputed organizations, top magazines, newspapers and television channels have bestowed awards, rankings & ratings to the University in various areas like placements, industry interface, infrastructure, international relations, etc.


Physical Education and sports is the birthright to access, which is essential for full development of one's personality. We, at KAMCUS LAW COLLEGE, have Sport and Extra Curricular Committee which conducts various Physical Education Activities, Games and Sports Activities and other Recreational Activities.The University teams participates in IIT Kanpur Other Tournaments of IT-Benares Hindu University, Varanasi held every year and various sports event held in other Technical Institutes. Besides these the University also conducts Tournaments of various events. Annual Gaming meet is held with great fanfare and participated in with full zest and zeal.


Training & Placement department works as a bridge between the industries and the pursuing students of the academia. The Department assists in all-round technical and professional development of the students and provides gateways to various reputed organizations across the country and the state. The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department in the campus, where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the student's ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry. The cell continuously coordinates with the various industries and organizations for employment opportunities of the students. It liaises with the corporate sectors and helps in developing the industry-academic inter-relationship


Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law (B.A. LL.B) - Integrated 5 Years 49,500/- N/A
Bachelor of Law (LL.B) 3 Years 49,500/- N/A
Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Law (B.Com. LL.B) - Integrated 3 Years 29,500/- N/A
Master of Law (LL.M) 2 Years 49,500/- N/A

Faculty Details

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Tyagi Principal

Email Id :info@admissionlelo.in

Phone :011-40573737/36

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