The RBU is accessible from tricity and is established under Punjab act no. 16 of 2014 vide notification no. 17-leg/2014 dated 13th August 2014 and notified by UGC under section 22 of the UGC act 1956, is empowered to award degree vide letter No. 8-23/2014 (CPP-I/PU Dated 26th Sept, 2014 by University Grant Commission (UGC).

The university offers a choice based flexible learning system, enabling an interdisciplinary approach for learners to learn at their own pace and choose electives from other available courses as well as take up some additional/value added courses to increase their skill/employability. In addition, the university offers several bridge courses which serve as a preparatory tool to narrow the gap required for graduate studies. For a student to change program, undergoing bridge courses strengthen or refresh some core required for success in an academic degree program. These bridge courses also serves in meeting necessary prerequisites and get basic knowledge for selected stream. Besides courses, the university provides facility of viewing results digitally, thereby reducing the load of administrative staff and have easy accessibility. Digital results also students in deciding to repeat their tests if they intend to.

he university understands the need of practical learning, in this regard teaching at RBU is highly practical and has segmented away from traditional mode. Further, the curriculum has been evolved after constant interaction with leading professionals who are a part of Industry and Academic advisory boards. Also, a strong emphasis is placed on developing analytical skills, communication, team building and problem solving skills. The university also possesses unique skill development centre (SDC), empowering students with necessary skills to enhance their employability. The SDC has strong nexus with the industry and imparts useful soft skills pertaining to communication skills, professional ethics and sound values, enabling students to venture out confidently and proving their caliber in workplace.

RBU facilitates resolution of questions, concerns, choices and changes related to student life through Student Information Care and Counseling Cell (SIC3). This counseling center provides free, confidential counseling services to all currently enrolled full time students to give an ambience that is welcoming and comfortable. Also, the counselors help students to increase their resilience, address their grievances and maintain positive well-being by developing effective coping and problem-solving skills. In addition, the cell also has a case manager who can assist parents and students to locate community based services if requested or deemed appropriate.

The university also takes care of academic staff, empowering them with skill enhancing courses like Six Sigma, Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Communication, Leadership & Management to name a few. Non-Academic staff are also encouraged to undergo personal development as part of their career and role development.


The Campus has adequate number of class rooms equipped with modern teaching and training aids with air conditioning facility. All the modern class room facilities like white board, Screen, Flannel board and all necessary Audio visual equipments are available.College is having a 50 Mbps Internet connection, locally networked and connected through wi-fi also to the central server are available for students for their project work and preparing seminar presentations. With this addition the college will provide internet and intranet access to all students and staff for instructional purpose at par with colleges internationally.


We also provide Hostel facility for needy and long distance students who wish to avail it. Each hostel has healthy atmosphere for the students, who are far away from their parents. Each hostel has an activity centre, common room, reading room, dining room with mess, canteen till late hours and other basic amenities like hot water supply in winter. Two new hostels are under construction to provide in house residential facilities to the aspiring students.


The library is considered as the heart as well as index of all academic activities of the Rayat-Bahra university. It’s not merely not just a repository or any other service, but is a partner in all kind of research activities and teaching.The library understands the needs of student and staff; in this regard the services can be accessed 24/7


Enjoy the Lip-Smacking Multi Cuisine food at #TheBreak, Now open at Rayat Bahra University. The huge Food Court with comfortable sitting facility is located within campus. The Food Court offers a variety of brands to cater to every one’s needs from Coffee, mouthwatering chats, to North Indian, South Indian, Chinese Dishes to Ice Cream to Juices and beverages.


The Campus has a fleet of well-maintained buses, bringing students and staff from all important cities, towns and villages within a radius of 60 Kms. All drivers have mobile phones which help to keep track of their location and delays. Every Van has a log of all the students traveling on that route and contact information of their parents.


1. Best Progressive University for promoting Industry- Academic Interface.
2. Rayat- Bahra Institute of Engineering & Bio-Technology, Chandigarh Campus , Ranked 2 in the top Prominent Engineering Colleges of India List by CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2014.
3. Rayat- Bahra Royal Institute of Management & Technology, Panipat Campus Awarded Most Promising Engineering College 2014 by Indian Achievers podium.
4. Rayat International School has been given the status Microsoft Mentor School & Microsoft Showcase School.
5. BAHRA UNIVERSITY ""Best upcoming University in Teaching""
6. Rayat Bahra Dental College & Hospital is recognized by the Knowledge Review Magazine as in 20 Best Institutes.


The campus lays a great emphasis on sports and games considering the fact that ‘A sound mind resides in a sound body’. Keeping this view in mind, the infrastructure has been designed with good facilities for sports as well as recreational activities. The Institution has best sports facilities includes Tennis Court, Basket Ball Courts, Badminton Courts, Volleyball Courts, Carom & Chess


Rayat-Bahra University has expertise in placing its students in leading corporates. Our knowledgeable placement services work with eminent leaders from the industry in placing our students. The placement cell is dedicated to match every student with internships in appropriate companies.

Besides routine placement services, the placement cell at Rayat-Bahra university develops strong relationships with industry leaders in corporates as well as academic departments in imparting training programs to students like soft skills and interview preparation. No matter what career aspirations of students are, the placement cell is dedicated to every student needs and goals from start to finish. The staff in this cell also works on resume services and helps every student in imparting guidance on resume and cover letter writing.


Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in Electrical Engineering 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in Civil Engineering 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
MBA Dual Specialization(Finance/Marketing/HR/Operations & SCM/ Enterpreneurship & Family Business /IT) 2 Years N/A $3,900.00
MBA Retails Management 2 Years N/A $3,900.00
MBA Rural Management 2 Years N/A $3,900.00
MBA in Banking & Financial Analytics 2 Years N/A $4,200.00
PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) 1 Years to 2 Years N/A $3,500.00
PG Diploma in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) 1 Years to 2 Years N/A $3,500.00
L.L.B 3 Years N/A $3,900.00
L.L.M 2 Years N/A $3,900.00
M.ED 2 Years N/A $2,500.00
M.A Education 2 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.ED 2 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.A + B.ED 5 Years N/A $2,500.00
M.Pharm Pharmaceutics 3 Years N/A $4,200.00
M.Pharm Pharmacology 3 Years N/A $4,200.00
B.Pharm 4 Years N/A $4,200.00
B.Pharm (LEET) 3 Years N/A $4,200.00
B.Sc Life Sciences 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.Sc Physical Sciences 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.Sc Mathematics (hons) 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.Sc Chemistry (hons) 4 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.Voc Appliet arts (Fashion Technology & Interior Design) 3 Years N/A $2,500.00
B.Voc Entertainment (Theatre Studies) 3 Years N/A $2,500.00
BA in film making & television 3 Years N/A $2,900.00
BA in Journalism & Mass Communication 3 Years N/A $2,900.00
Diploma in Cinematography 1 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in Video Editing & VFX 1 Years N/A $2,500.00
MCA Dual Specialization (Software Engineering/Networking/Artificial Intelligence/Application Development /Database Management Systems) 3 Years N/A $3,900.00
BCA Dual Specialization (Algorithm Design & Language/Hardware & Networking/Operating Systems/Application Development /Database Management Systems. 3 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in Culinary Arts 1 Years to 2 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in House keeping and Laundry operations 1 Years to 2 Years N/A $2,500.00
Diploma in IF & B Operations 1 Years to 2 Years N/A $2,500.00
MBA Hospitality Management 2 Years N/A $3,500.00

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Email Id :info@admissionlelo.in

Phone :011-40573737/36

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