If your ambition was always to study in top colleges in India, then RIMT University in Gobindgarh – Punjab definitely makes the cut. Established in 1998, the institution has shown stupendous growth year on year while adding value to study aspirants and their dream to study in top colleges in India.

The RIMT University is a Govt. of Punjab recognized institution of repute that seeks to harness your potential and aspirations and providing impactful career options and a lifelong journey of learning.

The RIMT university offers a range of courses related to engineering, commerce, law, education, pharmacy, paramedical, design, mass communication and computer application streams to name a few. Extremely competent faculties head this institute of repute.

Renowned for its extremely vibrant and encouraging atmosphere, RIMT prides itself on providing unparalleled intellectual stimulation and academic pursuits of all levels to students; students not only in this beautiful state of Punjab, but far and across all corners of India.

AdmissionLelo, your leading career counsellor in India, highly recommends RIMT University in Gobindgarh, Punjab, as a top ranking institution with exemplary educational standards, infrastructure and pedagogy to boot. Take the right step with us by your side on the pathway to a prosperous future.


Situated in the scenic state of Punjab, RIMT acts as nature’s direct lap to study, relax, rejuvenate and regenerate. The campus architecture is extremely modern and versatile, maintaining the right blend of design and comfort alongside extremely pleasing visual backdrops.

Any study aspirant looking to study in India would be delighted to find the infrastructure to their liking and comfort. Of the many universities available to study in India, RIMT ranks among the best.


The biggest prayers of outstation candidates are answered by huge, safe, hygienic and well-ideated hostels for stay and eats. RIMT ranks among the best universities in India, and a lot of this has to do with its attention to detail to students’ concerns and comforts, ensuring that while they are facing their biggest academic challenges, culinary worries are the least of their problems.


Books are a student’s best friend. RIMT has an extremely well-stocked library that hosts 10s of thousands of books across diverse streams such as engineering, pharmacy, law and other top university courses in India. RIMT places huge emphasis on ensuring availability of the latest magazines and national and journals of repute alongside a healthy dose of digitalized resources for ready consumption. Prepare to become a bookworm again!


Any student aspiring to apply for university admission in India, desires high infrastructural standards and supplementary support services such as cafeteria and hostels. RIMT recognizes and understands the worry and concern of students and provides for the same with a wide range of extremely well planned cafeteria infrastructure, both respecting and satisfying their cultural and culinary inclinations. An extremely spacious, well-ventilated, hygienic cafeteria provides just the perfect relaxation for students who miss home food.


Transportation means a lot to a student whose primary worries are centred around educational challenges and daily academic tasks. RMIT caters to this dire need through its entire fleet of 100+ buses. Transport facility is availed to students hailing from both near and far areas in Patiala, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Mohali and others. Transport services are often overlooked in many colleges and universities. But in RIMT, a high quality service aimed at safe, and timely commuting experience just sweetens the over experience. Seeking university admission in India, you should definitely consider RIMT over others.


RIMT encourages all round development of your ward. Any study aspirant seeking admission in top universities in India, is not seeking education alone. Real world, practical skills lead to achieving, meritorious students who are ready to take on life’s challenges – big and small. Students from RIMT have participated in national and international events putting the college’s name forward with pride. Special emphasis is laid on ensuring that students bring forth their hidden talents – both academic and non-academic – and that this has a strong society benefits and recognition framework in equal measure.


RIMT promotes an all-round and holistic - body, mind, and soul approach towards health. Annual sports meets bring out the best in students through physical dedication to competitive pursuits such as cricket, badminton, volleyball and table tennis. RIMT is one of the top universities in India to place high regard on sporting infrastructure and support services that leads to all round development of your ward.


The whole point of education is to enable practical, real world employment. All the best university streams in India realise that in order to be useful to the outside world, raw knowledge and enthusiasm needs to be tempered with skilling and industry best practices. Academics can only go so far in ensuring knowledge. RIMT ensures career opportunities for students, with real world industries and companies. A strong alumni network further catalyses this inevitable positive transformation for students.


Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering(CSE) 4 Years 1,10,000/- $2,000.00
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering(ME) 4 Years 1,10,000/- $2,000.00
B.Tech in Civil Engineering (CE) 4 Years 1,10,000/- $2,000.00
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 4 Years 1,10,000/- $2,000.00
MBA in HRM 2 Years 1,02,000/- $2,000.00
MBA in Finance 2 Years 1,02,000/- $2,000.00
MBA in Marketing 2 Years 1,02,000/- $2,000.00
MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management 2 Years 1,02,000/- $2,000.00
B.A. - L.L.B. with specialization in Criminal Law/ Labour Law/Constitution Law 5 Years 70,000/- $1,500.00
BBA-LLB *with specialization in Corporate Law/ Internation Trade /Finacial Management/Financial accounting 5 Years 70,000/- $1,500.00
BCOM-LLB *with specialization in Taxation Law/E-Commerece/Corporate Accounting 5 Years 70,000/- $1,500.00
L.L.M. Human Rights/Criminal Law/Family Law/Constitutional Law/Intellectual Property Right/Business Law/Internation Economics Law 1 Years 79,000/- $1,500.00
M.A. Education 2 Years 34,600/- $700.00
M. Ed. Master of Education 2 Years 40,000/- $900.00
B.Sc.- B.Ed. 4 Years 50,600/- $1,000.00
B.A. - B.Ed. 4 Years 50,600/- $1,000.00
M.Pharma Ayurvedic 2 Years 1,00,000/- $2,000.00
B. Pharma Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurvedic) 4 Years 1,00,000/- $2,000.00
D. Pharma Diploma in Pharmacy 2 Years 50,000/- $1,800.00
B.Pharma(LEET) Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurvedic) 3 Years 1,00,000/- $2,000.00
Certificate in Patient Care 6 Months 40,000/- $800.00
Dual Programme in DMLT-B.Sc.(Medical Lab.Technology) 5 Years 40,000/- $1,400.00
B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy 4.5 Years 67,000/- $1,350.00
B.O.T Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 4.5 Years 70,000/- $1,400.00
ITI in Fashion Design 1 Years 15,000/- $1,100.00
B.Design/ B.sc in 4 Years / 3Years 76,000/- N/A
B.Design/ B.sc in Interior Design 4 Years / 3Years 76,000/- $1,350.00
B.Design/ B.sc in Fashion Design 4 Years / 3Years 76,000/- $1,350.00
M.A. Journalism & Mass Communication 2 Years 1,00,000/- $2,000.00
B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication 3 Years 1,00,000/- $2,000.00
Diploma Video Production 1 Years 40,000/- $800.00
M.A. Music and Dance 2 Years 40,000/- $800.00
MCA 3 Years 82,000/- $1,650.00
MCA (LEET) 2 Years 82,000/- $1,650.00
M.Sc. Computer Science 2 Years 60,000/- $1,300.00
BCA 3 Years 51,600/- $1,000.00
B.SC in Hospitality and Hotel Administration 3 Years 78,000/- $1,550.00
B.SC in Culinary Arts 3 Years 78,000/- $1,550.00
B.SC (LEET) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration 2 Years 78,000/- N/A
B.SC (LEET) in Culinary Arts 2 Years 78,000/- N/A

Faculty Details

Dr. Yogesh Thakur H.O.D
Deepak Kumar H.O.D
Dr. Yogesh Thakur H.O.D

Email Id :info@admissionlelo.in

Phone :011-40573737/36

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