Sanskriti University, set up in a serene environment with state of the art infrastructure, is delivering 360 degree holistic development of students. Sanskriti's intellectual capital comprises highly qualified and experienced faculty drawn from Industry as well as from Academia. Curriculum tailored to the needs of the industry, coupled with use of industry leading pedagogies enables the students to transform themselves into job ready resources. Sanskriti is committed to elevate itself to the status of top 10 private universities on all key parameters by delivering exceptional skill-based education by making incremental progress at quick pace.


Well designed, spacious and air conditioned lecture theater to facilitate teaching-learning process. These trendy lecture theaters have comfortable seating arrangement with all modern teaching aids like OHP, LCD projector, VCD player etc.


It is rightly said that a hostel is a home away from home. For hostellers, their rooms become their small world. Necessary measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all the hostels. The hostel service is student friendly and gives them a feeling of being at home. The University is providing hostel facilities to the students who join the University from different parts of the country and from overseas for pursuing their studies. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. The University takes special care about maintenance of the hostels as it understands that a hostel is like a home away from home for the students. Hence, necessary steps are taken to ensure that the facilities provided in the hostels are as much student-friendly as possible.


Library of the University is a treasure house of authentic and valuable information that support the educational and research needs. It facilitates learning and enrichment of knowledge. It serves the need for enhancement of quality of education.


The furniture is laid in a manner to accommodate maximum people and yet look aesthetic. Quality and hygiene are the two most important factors in cafeteria. The regular quality control and quality checks at the cafeteria ensure highest standards of hygiene. Rest assured, there is never a compromise on food quality, cleanliness, and overall hygiene at the cafeteria. Be it kitchen or raw materials used for preparation of food, everything goes through a stringent quality check.

The cafeteria has sufficient space and the furniture is well laid out for comfortable seating. The entire campus is ‘no smoking zone’ and strict vigil is being maintained in the cafeteria for prohibiting the students from smoking or consuming tobacco in any form.


Commuting to Sanskriti campus located at Chhata, Mathura from adjoining areas is an important issue for the students since it is 28 km away from the city of Mathura (towards Delhi) on national highway NH- 2. The need for commuting is very well addressed by the University by extending transport facilities to the students and faculty members with the help of owned fleet of semi-luxury buses.

The charges for availing transport services are very nominal and affordable. The University provides transport facility to the girls at a subsidized cost for encouraging them to pursue higher education. Each bus has a senior faculty member as in charge and he/she ensures that proper discipline is maintained in the bus en route."


Theoretical lectures are delivered in the classrooms and the major teaching-learning process takes place in the classrooms. The nuances of different subjects are explained by the faculty members and absorbed by the students. This process of transfer of knowledge is an extremely important part of education because a smooth transfer results in efficient learning and vice-versa. The environment within the classroom plays an important role and the University has designed the rooms as per international standards and provides the necessary furniture and other tools, aids etc. necessary for different programmes.


For 360 degrees personality development, it is absolutely essential to ensure participation of the students in different types of sports. We at Sanskriti are well aware of the necessity of physical exercises and importance of sports as an important pastime for students. The campus is equipped with sports facilities that include Badminton, Volley ball, Football, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, etc. Students are encouraged to play both outdoor and indoor games after their classes and during weekends, inter-institute and intra-institute tournaments on various games are held as per the schedule planned in the calendar of activities. The year-long activity ends with Annual Sports Meet that brings out the hidden talents of the students in different games.

As a matter of routine, all students are encouraged to inculcate the habit of physical exercise on regular basis which assists in development of their physical and mental abilities. The gymnasium in the campus with various equipments for weight-lifting and other activities offers the students the opportunity to indulge in exercises for maintaining physical fitness.

The students who perform well in sports and cultural activities are nominated for participating in inter-college meets organized by the university which provides an opportunity to the students to show-case their talents that can act as spring-board, for some students, to excel in their fields of activity at State and National levels.


The list of private universities in India and smaller private colleges in Delhi NCR & UP belt is a long one. Therefore zeroing in on the right kind of institution could be a tricky task.

In their college search, students are greatly aided by independent private university rankings in India. It makes their college search process more data based and thereby more accurate. The top ranking universities in India too greatly benefit from college rankings India because the true picture of the strongest institutions emerges clearly and fairly.

Sanskriti has improved its rankings, year over year, to arrive at a spot where it can confidently stand out in the list of top ranking universities in India. It has sustained a prime spot in the college rankings India thereby becoming a popular answer to student’s college search question. The list of private universities in India is bewilderingly long and Sanskriti had started at the bottom of the college ranking pyramid. Notably, the pace with which it has climbed up the private university rankings in India is promising and encouraging.

A note of caution here is that the private university ranking in India can be misleading and often forged. Therefore, aspiring students should perform due diligence by checking the credentials of the issuer of the private university ranking in India or anywhere else for that matter. Moreover, the list of private colleges in Delhi NCR and across the nation, which have been ranked by a credible issuer, is not very long. Therefore it’s a wise college search strategy to witness the campuses first hand and talk to the alumni.


Course Duration Annual Fee (National) International Fees
B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering 4 Years 1,15,000/- N/A
B.Tech in Civil Engineering (CE) 4 Years 1,15,000/- N/A
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering (EE) 4 Years 1,15,000/- N/A
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) 4 Years 1,15,000/- N/A
BBA 3 Years 45,000/- N/A
B. Com (Hons.) 3 Years 45,000/- N/A
MBA With Dual Specialization in any of two below : Human Resource/Finance/International Business/Marketing Management/Hospital & Health Care/Hospitality & Tourism 2 Years 1,15,000/- N/A
Integrated B.Com LLB(Hons.) 5 Years 1,25,000/- N/A
Intergated B.A L.L.B (Hons) 5 Years 1,25,000/- N/A
B.A. B.Ed. 4 Years 40,000/- N/A
B.Sc. B.Ed. 4 Years 40,000/- N/A
B.EI.Ed 4 Years 60,000/- N/A
M.Ed. 2 Years 50,000/- N/A
Diploma Homeopathy Pharmacy 2 Years 45,000/- N/A
B. Pharmacy (B.Pharma) 4 Years 1,00,000/- N/A
B. Pharmcy (LEET) 3 Years 1,10,000/- N/A
Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) 5.5 Years 1,20,000/- N/A
BPT Physiotherapy 4.5 Years 75,000/- N/A
Bachelor in Optometry (B.Optom) 4 Years 60,000/- N/A
B.Sc in Agriculture 4 Years 67,000/- N/A
Diploma Fashion Designing 3 Years 42,000/- N/A
Diploma Fashion Designing Lateral entry in 2nd year of Diploma After 10+2 2 Years 45,000/- N/A
B.A. Fashion Designing 3 Years 50,000/- N/A
M.A. Fashion Designing 2 Years 50,000/- N/A
BCA Computer Applications 3 Years 50,000/- N/A
MCA Computer Applications 3 Years 60,000/- N/A
IntegratedBCA + MCA 5 Years 50,000/- N/A
B.Sc Hotel Management 3 Years 60,000/- N/A
M.Sc Hotel Management 2 Years 60,000/- N/A

Faculty Details

Mr. Neeraj Kumar HEAD- Department of Physiotherapy.

Email Id

Phone :011-40573737/36

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