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Why should you consider study in India for foreign students scheme?

Thanks to globalization, reverse brain drain, and healthy exchanges between growing economies, today, India ranks among having the most competitive colleges and universities offering a plethora of courses and specializations.

It is now possible for aspirants to study in India and access world-class infrastructure, innovative pedagogy, updated syllabi, and more with increased affordability and convenience. Colleges and universities countrywide offer a variety of study in India scheme and study in India scholarship, covering extremely cost-effective learning options that cater to all segments of the society and varying cultures.

A couple of decades back, having access to quality education was a challenge. But given the strong nation-building will by both the government as well as educators and also thanks to the extremely pervasive nature of the internet, much information today is available on a single click.

What is the problem with other study consultant in India?

As a leading study consultant in India, AdmissionLelo realizes that this only solves part of the problem. In an online atmosphere that is rife with mistrust and, more importantly, misinformation, decision making can be slow and painful.

Aspirants and parents alike - anyone who decides to study in India has to go through a ton of information rigor. Especially information that cannot be readily trusted and information that sometimes may not even be complete in the first place.


Why AdmissionLelo as your preferred partner?

As a premier study consultant in India, AdmissionLelo cares about you. The approach to and quality of our services differentiates us from other study consultant in India. Our highly trained and experienced team of advisors are available at your beck and call to help you choose the right course at the right university or college with the right budget, travel, stay etc. in mind.

Other study consultant in India tend to take the easy way out by offering confusing study in India scheme or a crazily stacked study in India scholarship, but we realize that at the end of the day, it is about YOU!

Unless we are able to understand you and your motivation well, we will never be able to give you something that fulfills your aspirations. Once you have made up your mind to study in India, our counsellors and advisors are happy to take the extra hour to sit with you and provide you very personalized recommendations and program plans that are the best fit for your case.


We see you through the finish line

As a responsible study consultant in India, it gives us immense satisfaction to have guided thousands of students in the right direction. Today's learning generation is tomorrow's nation-building team, and we are pulling out all stops to ensure all our resources are dedicated to putting you on the right track towards not only successful but also fulfilling careers.

When you call us with your study in India plans and programs, you will realize that we take complete responsibility for guiding you all the way to the very end. You are just not another ticket, student, or target for us. We believe in exemplary ethics and transparency to ensure you have access to all information in an unbiased and timely manner so you can make the decision you think will help you succeed.


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Strong University Network

India has the second largest education system in the world. Universities in general offer wide spectrum to meet the goal desired.

Global Recognition

Professionals trained in Indian Institutions are recognized globally. Over 200 of the fortunate 500 companies recruit from Indian campuses regularly.

Moderate fee and Cost of Living

India offers Quality education at a fraction of cost comapred to other educational destinations.

Welcoming Environment

India extends an unbiased welcome to students of all nationalities , cultures and religions.

World Centre for Education

For centuries India has been known as the global centre for Education . Cultural and religious diversity on Indian campuses contributes towards the all round.

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