Indian Education – A historical perspective

Since time immemorial, Indian education system always had a rich heritage. In earlier times, a guru(master) under his tutelage used to acknowledge a shishya(disciple). Presently, the Indian education system has evolved from the earlier guru-shishya parampara. Different states have different syllabi, each education board has a different schedule. With an unending number of subjects to choose from, students these days think it is better to figure out which stream they need to seek after a proper guidance.

Studying in India is beneficial

In the last four decades, India has undergone a paradigm progress shift due to its global competitive stand. Indian economy is on an upward robust trajectory and boasts of a stable annual growth rate and rising foreign exchange reserves. The cost of education in India is quite low as compared to many other countries of the world, especially European countries, UK and the US. IITs, IISc, IIMs, NITs, AIIMS, ISI, BITS and ISB are some of the best Indian educational institutes which are acclaimed worldwide for providing quality education. Scholarships, easy education loans and other financial aids are available across the country for studying in India.

It’s a whole new world

In addition to a great career choice, pursuing higher studies from a reputed international institution is a thrilling reality test that can completely transform one’s life. But sometimes, to decide whether to go for it or not is often a difficult choice for both students and parents. Students naturally come across with a lot of questions, which should be taken care of before applying for admission in the reputed Indian universities from any foreign country. To have a clear vision on which course to pursue should be the topmost priority. A thorough research on the target course and the university will help evaluate the right direction. Affordability is another prime area that one should look for. If the desired course one is opting for does not fall in the budget, the best decision would be to look for the second best option.

AdmissionLelo, the Right Career Guide

AdmissionLelo is a one-stop-solution education portal, perfectly tailor-made for aspiring students looking to pursue undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses in India. Having the best education counsellors in Delhi, AdmissionLelo offers the best available information for students interested in UG/PG courses in India across the most popular educational streams – Engineering & Technology, Business & Commerce, Law, Education & Teaching, Pharmacy, Paramedical, Designing, Mass Communication, Computer Application, Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Strong University Network

India has the second largest education system in the world. Universities in general offer wide spectrum to meet the goal desired.

Global Recognition

Professionals trained in Indian Institutions are recognized globally. Over 200 of the fortunate 500 companies recruit from Indian campuses regularly.

Moderate fee and Cost of Living

India offers Quality education at a fraction of cost comapred to other educational destinations.

Welcoming Enviroment

India extends an unbiased welcome to students of all nationalities , cultures and religions.

World Centre for Education

For centuries India has been known as the global centre for Education . Cultural and religious diversity on Indian campuses contributes towards the all round.

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