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All the online users accessing Admissionlelo through Mobile app or website are bound by the Admissionlelo Terms & Conditions. Admissionlelo holds the right to update the Terms & Conditions in the future at its sole discretion. If you wish to continue or avail information through the website, it confirms that you agree with the Admissionlelo Terms & Conditions.

Please read the below-mentioned Terms & Conditions carefully.

Registration Policy

Any online user can avail information through the official website. However, there are certain sections which require the user to register them with Admissionlelo by providing personal details in appropriation with the registration form.

For website registration, a user shall furnish correct information in the registration form and should abstain from filling any misleading information.

All the information should be updated in due time in case of any changes or modification.

In the case of any false or misleading information being provided by the user, Admissionlelo holds the right to terminate the user registration and their use of the website. It is expected from the user to note or keep safe their Application ID and transactions ID when they fill up the form or at time of making the payment for future reference.

The user below the age of 13 years are required to take their parents or guardians permission before registering them with Admissionlelo or even to take part in the online discussions. Users below the age of 13 years should not reveal any personal information i.e. contact details, Address etc.

Upon Website registration, a user confirms that:

  • He/She is fine with being contacted over the mentioned contact details for education purpose over e-mail, telephone call, WhatsApp or SMS. In case a user does not want to be contacted he/she can do so by writing to Admissionlelo at info@Admissionlelo.in.
  • He/She is fine with receiving promotional material i.e. special offers or e-mails from Admissionlelo.

*Admissionlelo reserves the right to use the user’s demographic and mobile location for targeted marketing campaigns for Admissionlelo as well as for the third party who choose to advertise with our database.

*Admissionlelo, if it chooses to, can sell the User information and even the entire site to the third party. He/She must not have any issues with any calls/SMS or any other type of communication channel being used to spread information pertaining to respective services offered by the third party sources in association with Admissionlelo.

Proprietary Rights

All the material used on the website is the sole intellectual property of Admissionlelo. Admissionlelo reserves the right and can initiate due legal proceedings against anyone using reproducing the content on other digital or print media.

Anyone found illicitly copying the work, study or survey from the website is liable for the due legal action by Admissionlelo. Admissionlelo is the sole owner and holds the right of the content available throughout the website. Concerned parties need to obtain permission from the company for any Data Mining Activities or to use the Admissionlelo trademark for any business or promotional activity.

Behavioural conduct

Once you choose to register yourself with Admissionlelo, you confirm to abide by the Admissionlelo guidelines to not to use any inappropriate words or abusive language in the online discussions or forums. Anyone found guilty of using abusive language or foul words is liable for action deemed fit by Admissionlelo.

  • A User shall abide by the laws of the respective places and should not be involved in any disruptive computer networks.
  • A User shall not post, share, upload, exchange, and distribute material for which they have no rights.
  • A User shall act cordially with others and shall not interfere with the other users.
  • A User shall not upload any software or use any device which interferes with the functioning of the website.
  • A User shall not transmit, upload, publish or distribute any material which can be deemed as a criminal offense

Failure to abide by Behavioural Guidelines will attract due action in the appropriation to the crime committed.

Third Party websites

Users are advised to make their own calculate decision before they opt to conduct any sort of business with the third-party websites being promoted on the Admissionlelo website. Admissionlelo won’t be held responsible or liable for any inefficient service offered by the third-party service providers.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

The monetary transactions are handled by the payment gateways partners of Admissionlelo. Any sort of discrepancy with regards to payment gateway must be settled with the respective payment gateway partners and Admissionlelo cannot be held liable for it. In the case of the amount paid exceeding the number of applications, Admissionlelo has the full right to review the refund case. Users are advised to keep note of the transaction ID and receipt number to furnish the payment status on the application form. The user shall ensure timely submission of the application form and failure do so will result in cancellation of application. In such cases, Admissionlelo won’t be held responsible and no refund can be initiated for the same.

Limitation of Liability

Admissionlelo advises all the Users to properly verify and make their informed decision regarding the information they find on the website such as comments by other users, educational or coaching institution information. Admissionlelo is not liable to offer veracity of the information offered on the website.

Admissionlelo won't be held responsible for the contracts or legally binding documents being exchanged between the Users the third-party websites. All the legal disputes come under the jurisdiction of Honourable Delhi High Court, New Delhi, India and will follow the laws of the state.


Your acceptance of the mentioned Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy Statement implies that you agree to indemnify and otherwise hold harmless Admissionlelo, its employees, agents, officers, subsidiaries, affiliates and other partners from any incidental, special, consequential, direct, indirect, or exemplary damages resulting from the following,

  • Your use of the Admissionlelo services
  • Unauthorized access to or alteration of your communications with or through the Admissionlelo Service, or any other matter relating to the Admissionlelo Service.
  • Any reliability or implementation of information which may arise by using this website is the sole responsibility of the users involved.

In case of any confusion or query, feel free o to contact us by visiting the "Contact us" details on the Homepage.








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