Law Courses in India

Top Law Colleges in India

Law is one of the most popular career choices in the world. Lawyers have high salaries, job stability and respectable position in their jobs. Therefore, more and more students are enrolling in top law colleges in India. The main regulatory body of law education is the Bar Council of India, BCI. After a student successfully passes the law course, the BCI offers a ‘certificate of practice’ and recognizes them as professional lawyers.

What are the benefits of pursuing a Law degree?

  • Law is a fascinating and broad course. As a lawyer, you will constantly deal with various cases that cause different problems in the society. Your work-life won't be monotonous as you will be defending various people and businesses with multiple backgrounds.
  • It is the best course for students who love solving difficult riddles and love impossible challenges. Every day, lawyers deal with complex philosophical, ethical and modern problems.
  • The degree offers financial stability and job security. The law profession is still the most in-demand and well-paid job opportunity and the market.

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